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The Infinity™ harness/container system was designed with two basic concepts in mind: safety and performance. An emphasis has been placed on increased security of the pin cover flaps and riser covers, an additional main riser cover is incorporated into the reserve container side flap, a redesigned reserve pilot chute for better launch and higher drag, and the standard Reserve Static Line (RSL) is Velcro-free and concealed for maximum snag resistance.

So, whether you’re into relative work, freestyle, freeflying, or skysurfing, Infinity™ offers the only logical choice when choosing a first class, quality built, and affordable harness/container system.


Main TrayMain Tray

The main tray is slick and doesnt have any sharp corners. Dynamic corners designed for wing suit flying are available as an option.

Primary Riser CoversPrimary Riser Covers

The Infinity’s larger tuck tabs and tab pockets on the over-the-shoulder riser covers will ensure they remain tucked and the riser covers closed until deployment.

Secondary Riser CoversSecondary Riser Covers

Secondary riser covers are integrated into the reserve container to ensure the main risers never prematurely un-stow due to radical body maneuvers which cause main risers to protrude from the normal riser covers found on most container systems.

Main Bridle ProtectionMain Bridle Protection

The closing flaps of the main container are designed to provide maximum wind protection to the main pilot chute bridle.

RSL (Reserve Static Line)RSL (Reserve Static Line)

The RSL is routed through its own channel under the reserve risers. This keeps the RSL secure during deployment and makes it snag-free. Rigs come standard with a 100% Velcro-less RSL.

Extra-Secure Main-Pin Cover FlapExtra-Secure Main-Pin Cover Flap

Our one piece main flap tuck tab keeps the closing pin covered at all times and is extremely secure. The main flap stays closed even as you move and the geometry of the container changes. The flap is secured in such a manner that the entire weight of the rig can be supported from it.

AAD Set UpAAD Set Up

All rigs come with an AAD pocket and cutter channel in the reserve tray

Reserve FlapReserve Flap

Easily accessable AAD controls, easy pre-jump inspection of reserve pin, and 100% velcro-less RSL.


Leg PadsLeg Pads

Harness’s are available with or without rings at the hip junction. Articulation allows the harness to conform to your body, allows more freedom of leg movement, and is a little more comfortable than non-articulated harness’s. 1 or 2 piece leg pads are available. Articulated harness’s are available in 1 or 2 piece, where non-articulated is available only in 1 piece legpads.

Cut InsCut Ins

Floating laterals are finally available! They self adjust to your current body position and keep the rig planted firmly on your back. Additionally, the bottom corners of the main container are protected which eleminates a potential snag hazard.

Party PatternsParty Patterns

Patterns available in VSE Standard, Party Stripes, or X-Out styles.


Pinstripes on the main flap.

Main Deployment HandlesMain Deployment Handles

PVC, Freefly Pud, Monkey Fist, or Hackey handles are available. Hackey handles can have two colors (think baseball skin).


Available in standard Cadmium Plated or Stainless Steel.

Main RisersMain Risers

Risers are available in Type8 (wide) or Type17 (narrow) material.

Type8 risers are available with standard (large) or mini (small) rings. Type17 risers are available only with mini (small) rings.

Hook KnivesHook Knives

Every rig comes with a plastic hook knife. Aluminum hook knives are available as an upgrade. Aluminum handles feature a replaceable blade.