Rigging Innovations

Rigging Innovations

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The Container

  • Eliminates the gap at the back by curving to your body
  • Specially designed end tabs that result a lower profile of the main container
  • Increase of 10% volume

The Harness

  • More comfortable during canopy flight
  • Incorporates webbing stow band – no more losing them!
  • Stainless steel mini ring hardware standard


  • Protective BOC stowage flap
  • “Sure-Grip” handles
  • Included slider stow

Talon FS

Talon FS ContainerThe Container

The Talon FS container system is a highly refined “box” configuration. RI has taken the heart of the Voodoo container, the reserve system, and merged it with a better box design for the main.

The containers are narrower and shorter than the Talon 2 for comparable size canopies.

We use the same reserve container configuration as the Voodoo with the same protector flap.

The main utilizes the same upward closing flap as the Voodoo. We increased the plastic stiffener thickness to help flatten the flap out.

The main side flaps incorporate the wrap around bottom design that provides for a better bridle protector as well as a natural POP mount.

The main riser covers have been re-designed for better holding power and allow for the main risers to be stowed in any manner with no effect on deployment. A side note is that these covers worked so well, that they have been merged into the Voodoo design. They hold better, are smoother looking, and result in better over the shoulder comfort.

The backpad is shaped and contoured to fit the shoulders and upper body and stay in place.

The center flap stripe options are similar to those utilized on the Talon 2 for those who prefer more conservative design choices.

Talon FS HarnessThe Harness

The harness was taken directly from the Voodoo design. Sandy Reid is the inventor and patent holder for the articulated harness. He has already thought of and tested all the different designs currently used by other companies for their articulated harnesses and has discarded them in favor of the configuration currently used for the Talon FS and Voodoo.

“V-flex” leg strap configuration is simply the best and most comfortable yet designed. The leg straps stay in place without the use of “suspenders” and “bungees” that others rely on.

The “Multi-Flex” harness configuration with chest and hip rings allows for maximum comfort and flexibility. The chest rings allow for the yoke to be worn straight down from of the chest, which in turn relieves pressure on the outside of the shoulders.

This allows for maximum upward reach.
We have designed our own version of the “cut-in backstrap” which we have named the “Competition backstrap”. The use of the hip ring oriented from the horizontal and coupled with a comfort pad, results in unparalleled stabilization of the container to the back and maximum comfort.

The main risers utilize a new Velcro-less toggle design that is flatter and more secure than in the past.


  • Multi-Flex
  • Chest & Hip Rings
  • FAST
  • Hip Rings only
  • Standard
  • No rings
  • Stainless Steel
  • 3-Ring Option
  • Risers & Toggles & Lengths
  • Ripcord Options
Model Reserve Main Length Width Thickness
T00 275 cu in 275 cu in 14.00″ 10.00″ 4.00″
T0 300 cu in 300 cu in 14.00″ 10.00″ 5.00″
T1 325 cu in 325 cu in 15.00″ 10.00″ 5.00″
T2 350 cu in 350 cu in 15.00″ 10.00″ 5.50″
T5 400 cu in 450 cu in 16.50″ 11.00″ 5.00″
T6 450 cu in 550 cu in 17.00″ 12.00″ 5.50″
T7 550 cu in 650 cu in 18.00″ 13.00″ 5.75″
T8 600 cu in 700 cu in 19.00″ 14.00″ 5.75″


Voodoo ContainerThe Container

The heart of the design is the shape of the container system. The profile of the container is curved from the top of the reserve to the bottom of the main resulting in a completely aerodynamic shape that slices through the air no matter what the attitude of the jumper in freefall. The container closing flaps are designed to be easy to use yet completely secure in freefall.

The reserve protector flap has been completely re-designed to use the most secure tongue combination in use today. The side tongues hold completely and the bottom pocket smoothes out the profile and keeps any lines from snagging. The internal pin pocket protects the pin from being dislodged.

The main pin protector flap is a streamlined variation of the upward closing flap pioneered on the Telesis 2 and the Genera. Longer and more tapered than its predecessors, it provides complete security and ease of use.

The main side flaps and riser covers have been integrated into one piece units that provide maximum coverage and protection while resulting in an aesthetically pleasing design that compliments the lines of the rig.

The BOC throwout installation is integrated into the bottom main flap in such a way that the main bridle is completely covered without the need of special flaps or covers. A ZP main pilotchute with a hackey handle and kill-line bridle is standard. For those who prefer a pull-out (POP) deployment, easy to grip completely secure handle falls readily to hand.

The backpad has been designed to integrate with the reconfigured harness to provide a new level of comfort and fit. A completely new yoke area provides a hinge at the top of the container resulting in a better fit over the shoulder. Additional padding makes comfort a key word in the Voodoo design.

Full metal 3-ring housings are standard. Both the 3-ring and reserve ripcord housings have been lengthened and are attached to their pockets with clamps. The cables remain fully covered and protected in all attitudes at all times.

The reserve container: The reserve deployment bag has been designed to allow even greater ease of packing. At the same time, it provides a firm base for the Stealth pilotchute and contributes to even better launches than what the Stealth is known for.

The Harness

The harness design and geometry have been designed to provide a level of fit and comfort unmatched by any other to date! The yoke area has been lengthened as well as the upper main lift web (MLW) to lower the 3-ring position and the chest strap. The angle of the yoke has been re-shaped and tailored to provide maximum security and comfort in a head down position.

The Multi-Flex harness configuration is standard provided an unequaled level of comfort and flexibility. New custom built ring hardware made specifically for RI and this application is used in the chest position. This hardware is forged flat and eliminates he pressure points and discomfort associated with previous designs. At the same time its use results in better articulation and freedom of movement in all attitudes.

The “in-set” horizontal back strap has been designed to “snug” the container to the body.

The lower main lift web/leg strap configuration features a totally new design that results in an unparalleled level of fit and comfort. Call the “V-Flex” configuration, it provides fully independent adjustment around the upper leg while at the same time total articulation around the hip ring. Coupled with our well known double-wide leg strap/pad design, the comfort must be experienced to be believed. – Ask any Voodoo owner!

The main risers utilize a new Velcro-less toggle design that is flatter and more secure than in the past.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Tie Dye
Model Reserve Main Width-Btm Width-Top Thickness
V000 275 cu in 275 cu in 16.00″ 10.00″ 4.25″
V00 275 cu in 300 cu in 17.50″ 10.00″ 4.25″
V0 300 cu in 300 cu in 17.50″ 10.00″ 4.75″
V1 325 cu in 325 cu in 17.50″ 10.00″ 4.75″
V2 325 cu in 350 cu in 18.50″ 11.00″ 5.00″
V3 350 cu in 400 cu in 18.50″ 11.00″ 5.50″
V4 450 cu in 450 cu in 18.50″ 12.50″ 5.00″