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Racer 2K3The Racer 2K3

The Racer 2K3 signaled the first major design change in the Racer family of rigs. While retaining all of the safety features and strength of the original Racer design, the midflap was changed allowing for deeper riser covers, and all functional velcro was eliminated.

The 2K3 features double tuck tab riser covers, great main pin protection and a choice of pull out or throw out main deployment options.

All Racers can be built from Parapack or Cordura and custom embroidery can help you create a truly original rig.

Classic RacerThe Classic Racer

This is the original design of the Racer, which is available with double tuck tab or velcro sealed riser covers.

The Classic Racer has stood the test of time, and our policy of subtly improving and modifying the Racer to meet the changing needs of skydivers ensures that it meets the challenges posed by freeflying, relative work and all disciplines. Its unique construction created the Racer’s legendary reputation for comfort and the ability to match a small reserve with a large main makes the Classic Racer the preferred container of accuracy jumpers worldwide.

There are over 32 colors of webbing, tapes and pack fabric available, allowing you to make your rig as unique as you are.

The Classic Racer is available with three main deployment options, throw out, pull out or ripcord activation.

Power RacerThe Power Racer

The Power Racer is a format option available as either a 2K3 or Classic Racer. It is mounted on a 9″ wide by 15″ long backpad and is limited for use with only the smaller range of sport canopies.

It was originally developed in 1994 to meet the requirements of skydivers switching to smaller and smaller main and reserve canopies.

Jump Shack’s design philosphy has always been organic, and evolutionary, adapting to meet the needs of the skydiving community. The Power Racer utilizes the first and, at the time of writing, the only 4″ diameter exposed reserve pop-top to be manufactured in the USA.

Other container manufacturers that utilize an exposed, or partially exposed, reserve pop top have narrowed their containers, but kept a 6″ reserve hat. Simple math says a 9″ wide container with a 6″ wide pop top gives you 1½ ” either side to form the reserve and sink the pilot chute spring, making for a potentially difficult reserve pack that, if done badly, canallow for exposed pilot chute.

Shadow RacerThe Shadow Racer

The Shadow Racer is a limited option, all Black Racer, designed with the value oriented shopper in mind. The options include:

  • Format – available as either a 2K3 or a Classic Racer
  • Main Activation – Throw Out or Pull Out
  • Sizing – Wide or Narrow over the Shoulder
  • Material – Cordura or Parapack

We make savings from the moment we receive your order until we ship the rig to you. Our costs are reduced in order processing and production and we pass those savings on to you! You still get a custom fit Racer with all the safety advantages and legendary comfort, at a price that is over $500 less than the starting price of a regular production model!