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Bonehead Altimount

Price: $49bonehead_altimount_3

Yet another kick-ass product from BoneHead…

The BH Altimount is a great solution for chest mounting a visual altimeter.

The BH Altimount is a carbon fiber ‘L’ bracket that slip into the ring covers or mudflaps on the front of your skydiving harness and with 2 simple Velcro straps locks it in place so your altimeter is in the same place every time regardless of body position.

Most importantly, the Altimount is designed not to interfere with the operation of the 3-ring release system or cutaway handles.

Weight: < 5oz.


Before you cut, drill or modify your alt-mount please make sure that the end of the ‘L’ bracket with the “hook” side Velcro will slip up and underneath your ring cover.

Once you have completed this step, it is best to mount your altimeter to the ‘L’ bracket. It is COMPLETELY UP TO YOU how to attach your altimeter to your Altimount. With so many different brands, sizes and preferences BH gives you a clean slate for you to attach your altimeter THE WAY YOU WANT IT. Consult a certified rigger if you have questions or need help attaching this mount to your rig.

Once your altimeter is securely mounted on the ‘L’ bracket thread the hook-sided strap up through the bottom opening of your ring cover on the side that you want your altimeter mounted. We suggest putting it on your left ringcover.

Slide the strap all the way through the ringcover so that it appears out of the top of the ringcover just below the D-ring of your 3-ring release.

slide the vertical portion of the ‘L’ underneath the ringcover until it stops at the bottom of the ‘L’ bracket.

Fold the hooked Velcro strap over your ringcover down towards the bottom of the ‘L’ bracket. if there is excess strap, trim it off so that it is the same length as your ringcover.

Mate the Velcro loop side of the strap upwards with the hook side. Fold the excess strap over and tuck it back behind your ring cover.

Your Altimount is now ready to jump.