Skylark Suits




Fx-611 $299skylark_fx611_image

our universal tight fit suit for indoor and outdoor flight.

This versatile suit specifically designed for flyers who like to turn points on a freefly jump, fly steep and fast angles, shred in a tunnel, swoop their wing or just hang out at the DZ on those windy days. Some of the features are:

  • Elastic inserts where it matters allow for easy, unrestricted movement.
  • Selection of appropriate base fabric helps optimize flight characteristics as well as seasonality of the suit.
  • Choosing the right fabric for the bottom of the pants will allow to adjust for your level of experience and body type.

FX-612 $279

short version of our universal tight fit suit. This shorty, based on FX-611 will provide comfort and functionality on those sweltering mid-summer daysskylar_suits_fx612-12-687x1030








FX6-13 $299skylark_fx613_image

split version of tight suit.

FX-614 is the suit specifically designed for ladies who prefer split garment to a one piece suit for the additional comfort it provides.

  • Elastic details make movement easy.
  • Cordura on the knees and butt helps to extend life of the suit regardless of number of messy landings and pack jobs.
  • Tailored fit of the top will look great on any body type.


FX-614 $279

short version of split tight suit.skylark_fx614_image

Comfort on a jump and on the ground combined with sharp looks make this ladies shorty ideal for those hot days on the DZ.

  • Combination of 2 elastic fabrics ‘Biflex’ and ‘Spandex’ allow for unrestricted movement and tight fit.
  • Cordura inserts allows for worry free butt landings or packing.


FX-615 $299

very tight but flexible suit for indoor and outdoor flightskylark_fx615m3_image

Two elastic materials ‘Biflex’ and ‘Spandex’ where combined with original design to create FX-615 specifically for high speed, high precision tunnel flying as well as any freefly jump where speed is what you are looking for. Looking sharp while going fast is what this suit is for.


RX-621 $299 skylark_rx612_image

tight fit RW suit. RX-621 is our take on high performance relative work suit. It’s functional and comfortable. Wide range of options will allow you to design the suit for your specific needs, skill level and goals. Fitted profile will make a novice RW flyer look like a pro.

RX-623 $279

loose fit RW suit. Loose fitting skylark_rx623_imagesuit for fun jumps, big guys and gals who have a need to slow down. This model will definitely help you to stay on level with smaller flyers.